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Wake up with a flash

Wake up with a flash


If you have ever tried to find exactly the right screw in a DIY store or tried to find an obscure herb in the grocery store (why do I need chervil anyway?) you know it can be a tough task, or at least it used to be. In 2014 Pricer introduced an innovative Instant Flash that revolutionized the market. No longer was the ESL system just receiving information, it had a real-time communication capability that opened up lots of opportunities in optimizing store operations and improving the customer experience. 

Fast forward to today and many progressive retailers use Pricer Instant Flash to help both staff and customers find what they need in store. For store associates it means saving time when refilling shelves and picking orders for click & collect services, for customers it means finding the right products when they need them.  

Pricer Instant Flash revolutionized ESL functionality in 2014 and still stands out as a leader in the market. One key reason for this is the real-time functionality.

Pricer’s technology enables the shelf label to flash within one second and be detected from a long distance, saving staff and customers the frustration of waiting to see which label will start flashing.

This becomes evident when tested against competition in a real-world environment as the competition often reduces the communication windows to save battery – PoCs are often configured differently so beware!

Real-time flash

The fact that Pricer Instant Flash is available for real-time response 24/7, can make a big difference. Estimates show that a store associate can save up to 4 seconds per pick withSmartTAG HD110-large display Pricer Instant Flash, resulting in tens of thousands of savings over a year.

On top of this retailers can add better workflow and increased job satisfaction for the employees.  

With 7 distinguishable colors, it is possible for multiple users to use the Instant Flash simultaneously. This saves time for retailers who have a lot of pickers active at the same time, as well as multiple customers seeking guidance during peak hours.

To make this even more effective Pricer allows a “store in store” concept that allows multiple zones to be created within the store to make this even more effective. 

Key step to digitalization for retail stores

Following the pandemic, the demand for click & collect services went through the roof and our surveys show it will continue to be in high demand. However, it is still the case that many stores still rely on fully manual processes for picking the orders, creating frustration among staff and delaying orders.

Customers nowadays also expect digital experiences in store, with visual guides enabling them to find what they want.  

Instant Flash is available in all Pricer ESLs and is a key step towards the store digitalization that retailers, staff, and customers are expecting.

So, the next time you are looking for the right screws in a DIY store, ensure the store is equipped with Instant Flash, otherwise you might be in for a long search!  


Published June 13, 2022