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Faster Pick Of Online Orders With Flashing Labels

Faster Pick Of Online Orders With Flashing Labels


Picking goods is one of the most important and time-consuming parts of online order management for grocery stores. Each order often contains many articles and it is important that the right ones end up in the right box and then be delivered to the right customer.

By using modern digital systems for the picking process, it is possible to streamline, secure and speed up the speed significantly.

Structure the picking process with Pick & Collect from StrongPoint

With the solution Pick & Collect, StrongPoint Cub offers support for stores and businesses that pick online orders. The solution is applicable in both stores, warehouses and dark stores. The solution is facilitated by mobile devices and each item is verified by barcode scanning to eliminate errors.

Pick & Collect is a complete and proven system for picking online orders already in operation in several hundred stores and at several large chains. The process is faster, more accurate and requires fewer resources.

Pick-by-light leads to the right product

StrongPoint Cub can now deliver an integration with Pricer to facilitate and speed up the item picking with the help of electronic shelf labels. The latest generation of Pricer’s ESLs are equipped with SmartFlash, which means that the electronic shelf label for various calls can start a green flashing light that makes goods visible on the shelf.

The product to be picked is activated in Pick & Collect, after which the label on the shelf starts to flash. When the item is picked and scanned, the label stops flashing. Then the label for the next item to be picked begins to flash. This is controlled via the mobile handset that the store staff uses in the store to pick.

Faster and simpler order picking in combination with Pricer ESLs

The blinking glow at the shelf edge label means that it is both faster and easier to find the right product for the staff. Particularly noticeable is the shelf sections with goods that have a similar appearance such as baby food, spices, sauces, beauty products etc. where the staff can now find the right item much faster.

Tests of the solution have primarily shown that new staff has use of the flash when picking. Something that facilitates temporary staffing and temporary staff. But even a skilled employee who regularly picks orders finds the right item faster.


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