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A million reasons to use SaaS

A million reasons to use SaaS


Right from the start, Pricer was never about following trends or reactively adjusting to change. Pricer has been all about delivering innovation and new developments in retail technology. From our close dialogue and collaboration with the world´s leading retail chains, the company has led the industry forward for nearly three decades.

But it´s never about technology for its own sake. Instead, every innovation we make meets a real need, large or small, making life easier for retailers and creating a smoother customer experience. Therefore, we are delighted to provide an update on the swift uptake of our innovative SaaS-based platform, Pricer Plaza.

In just a few months, we have rolled out over a million SmartTAG HD and SmartTAG Power labels now under management by this new, state-of-the-art platform.

Centralisation and integration

The unique centralized cloud-based capabilities of Pricer Plaza enables retailers to: centralize price and shelf edge management, monitoring and analytics across an entire chain; manage advanced systems such as “pick/put to light”, geolocation and many other capabilities inherent in Pricer’s advanced solution set; have a single integration point for other retail systems.

This last element enables a full ecosystem of partners to rapidly and effectively implement additional capabilities, such as AI-powered vision, intelligent waste management and advanced shelf edge computing capabilities.

The SaaS model gives retailers both flexibility and scale, to rapidly deploy, optimise and develop functionality centrally without losing the ability to deliver in local markets. This enables stores to digitalize in-store infrastructure and optimise services such as sophisticated dynamic pricing, advanced replenishment, shelf imaging and optimisation, click & collect services and in-store geolocation.

Leading retailers lead

Leading Dutch supermarket chain PLUS is implementing the Pricer Plaza platform across all stores in the coming year, automating key processes and increasing competitiveness. Pricer Plaza plays a critical role in digitalizing PLUS in-store processes, from dynamic pricing to click & collect. With immediate access to insights from the stores, the chain can further optimise important in-store processes.

So, there are a million different reasons to celebrate our innovation, benefiting both retailers and consumers. But rather than celebrating ourselves, we want to invite you to the party, as it is our dialogue with you and our joint wish to always have a better tomorrow that is pushing us to continue to innovate in the retail technology market every day.

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