Senior executives

Pricer has a corporate culture characterized by responsiveness and short decision-making paths and an organization that is both customer-oriented and process-driven.

Senior executives

The senior executives include the CEO, deputy CEO, CFO and the operating managers.

Helena Holmgren

President and CEO

Education: MBA
Born: 1976
Nationality: Swedish
Employed since: 2015

Other assignments: Board member of Hexatronic Group AB.
Holdings: 109,937 own and 1,540 closely related B shares

Previous assignments: Over 15 years of experience within various financial positions in international companies with focus on growth strategies, financial control and change management. Acting CEO Pricer 2017-2018, CFO Pricer 2015-2017, CFO Edgeware and several financial roles within among others Intrum Justitia and EF Education.

Edvin Ruud

VP Sales

Education: Dipl. Computer Science, B.Sc. BA and Econ., MBA
Born: 1963
Nationality: Norwegian
Employed since: 2018

Other assignments: None.
Holdings: 12,500 B shares
Previous assignments: Over 30 years of international experience within Sales and Management positions primarily within the telecoms and IT industry. CEO & President at Apis IP-Solutions Training AB, VP Sales EMEA at Powerwave Technologies AB, President & CEO at ClimateWell AB, Operations Director Nordics at Cisco Systems, Sales Director EMEA at Ciena Europe and Sales Director at Ericsson UK.

Nils Hulth

VP Product Management and Business Development

Education: Master in Computer Science and Master in Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems
Born: 1971
Nationality: Swedish
Employed since: 2006

Other assignments: Board member Convertus AB.
Holdings: 62,874 B shares
Previous assignments: 20+ years as an executive in international high-tech B2B organizations within life science and retail industry. Various positions at Pricer since 2006, amongst others; Head of Sales, Chief Digital Officer, VP Business Development/R&D. Previously CEO of a startup tech company Rotundus AB, Business coach via Uppsala Innovation Centre, Software development at Biotage AB, Pyrosequencing AB and CellaVision AB.

Jörgen Jost auf der Stroth

VP Supply Chain&Procurement

Education: Master in Electronical engineering
Born: 1964
Nationality: Swedish
Employed since: 2018

Other assignments: None.
Holdings: 15,500 B shares
Previous assignments: Over 20 years of experience as a manager within global engineering management, business development, Electronics Development, Supply Chain Management, Procurement and complex product sales with experience across Europe, Asia and North America within some of the world’s leading technology corporations such as Tieto, Ericsson, Teleca and Cybercom.

(Donald) Charles Jackson

Head of Americas region

Education: Bachelor of Business Administration
Born: 1963
Nationality: Canadian
Employed since: 2014

Other assignments: None.
Holdings: 112,751 B shares
Previous assignments: Over 30 years of international experience within Sales and Management positions mainly within the retail industry. Previous assignments within Pricer; EVP Global Sales, Strategy & Marketing, Deputy CEO & President 2016, CEO & President 2007-2010. In addition, GM Pricer France & Global VP Sales, VP Strategy & Business Development at SES Imagotag 2011-2014, European General Manager at Boston Group and various Sales & Marketing positions within tech and telecom industry.

Susanne Andersson


Education: Bachelor of Business Administration
Born: 1971
Nationality: Swedish
Employed since: 2019

Other assignments: None.
Holdings: 5,500 B-shares
Previous assignments: CFO & Head of Communications ChromoGenics, VP Head of Investor Relations PostNord, CFO Nordic Mines and 15+ years of international experience of various finance and management roles within Ericsson and the telecom industry.

Magnus Larsson

VP Customer Operations

Education: Bachelor of Science in Electrical engineering
Born: 1970
Nationality: Swedish
Employed since: 2019

Other assignments: None.
Holdings: 1,500 B-shares
Previous assignments: Over 20 years of international experience from numerous leading positions within Sales and Managed services primarily in the telecom industry. Previous employers include Edgeware, Nokia Siemens Networks, Nokia and Sonera.