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Financial Reports

Year End Report Financial Year 2005


- Significantly increased net sales of SEK 325.8M (227.2), an increase of 43 per cent - Result after tax SEK -36.4M (-52.0) - Result per share of SEK -0.05 (-0.10) - Significant increase in orders received to SEK 279.1M (179.9) - Significantly stronger gross margin of 20 (13) per cent - Operating result of SEK -43.5M (-52.0) - Liquid funds of SEK 69.5M (42.5) - Pricer applies IFRS from 2005 Important events after the end of reporting period: - New order from Carrefour France of SEK 120M - One additional Leclerc region in France commits to Pricer ESL with an order for about SEK 23M For further information, please contact: Jan Forssjö, President and CEO, Pricer AB +46 8 505 582 00

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