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Financial Reports

Interim Report January - September 2006


• Net sales of SEK 296.2M (202.6), an increase of 46 percent

• Earnings after tax of SEK -35.6M (-30.3)

• Earnings per share of SEK -0.04 (-0.04)

• Orders received SEK 232.6M (252.3)

• Gross margin 20 (20) percent

• Operating result of SEK -32.6M (-36.3), an improvement of 10 percent

• Liquid funds of SEK 27.0M (89.8)

• Pricer acquired the competitor Eldat Communication Ltd, Israel and undertakes a reorganization to realize synergies

• Metro Cash & Carry signed a frame agreement worth about SEK 75M for Pricer’s new ESL generation

Significant events after the end of the period

• Franprix in France signed a contract for Pricer systems worth SEK 6M

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