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Year-end Report 2010


Record in order intake, sales and result – First time dividend and reversed share split is proposed

Fourth quarter
Order entry of SEK 144 M (94)
Net sales of SEK 161.3 M (114.1)
Gross margin of 33 percent (36)
Operating profit of SEK 26.0 M (19.3)
Net profit of SEK 25.6 M (19.0)
Cash flow from operating activities of SEK 13.3 M (11.3)
Earnings per share before dilution SEK 0.02 (0.02)

January - December
Order entry of SEK 439 M (338)
Net sales of SEK 447.2 M (327.3)
Gross margin of 37 percent (39)
Operating profit of SEK 60.8 M (25.2)
Net profit of SEK 56.2 M (19.9)
Cash flow from operating activities of of SEK -15.3 M (56.1)
Earnings per share before dilution SEK0.05 (0.02)

  • The largest installation so far for Pricer, done at Carrefour, began in the fourth quarter
  • Cora invests in Pricer’s Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) system in 50 hypermarkets
  • Schiever in France installs Pricer solution in all 74 hypermarkets
  • Castorama deploys Pricer solution in 30 additional stores

  • Higher net sales and result is expected for 2011
  • The Board proposed that the company declares its first dividend of 0.02 SEK
  • A reversed share slit of 10:1, that is one new share for ten old, is proposed

    Subsequent events
  • Additional order from one of North America’s top 50 grocers
  • Pricer enters into strategic cooperation with Coop – Signs a framework agreement in the Nordic countries
  • A large French retailer signs 85 discount retail stores for deployment with Pricer

Comments from the CEO Fredrik Berglund

“Our orders and sales continued to increase during the fourth quarter. Year 2010 was the best year so far for Pricer, and we show profit for the fourth consecutive year. We are in a growth phase and have since September been able to present seven major agreements. The agreement in the United States strengthens our presence in North America and the agreement with Coop is a breakthrough in the Nordic countries, while the contracts in France show our strength on the single largest market. Our ambition for territorial expansion and development of new customer segments continues. An improved market environment and a strong market position lead to that we expect a higher net sales and better result in 2011 than in 2010.”

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