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Two large European retailers chose Pricer ESL


Two of Europe’s largest tier 1 retailers, one Do-It-Yourself, the other Food, have placed significant initial orders for the Pricer ESL system after pilots and evaluation programs during 2007 and 2008.

Today, Pricer is the largest ESL company with an installed base greater than its competitors’ combined. Pricer delivers best in class ESL systems and the first wireless dual display platform combining speed, scalability and reliability to worldwide tier 1 and tier 2 retailers.

“These two wins in different retail sectors are important signals for Pricer and ESL,” says Charles Jackson, CEO at Pricer AB. “At a time when retailers have to focus on projects that are strategically urgent and give immediate returns, the Pricer system is understood as an enabler to help execute price strategies and build customer and brand loyalty.”

The French DIY retailer has opted to start with Continuum ESL and each store represents approximately 35 000 ESL. The DIY retailer had evaluated three different systems and piloted two of them. Pricer then won the next step of implementing a full store pilot. This announcement is in conjunction with several store orders now received to implement ESL where it is deemed most urgent.

The food retailer has begun installing in three countries, France, Belgium and Luxembourg, and has installed five hypermarkets to date. A pilot evaluation has now begun in one of its supermarket chains. The hypermarkets use a combination of segment based Continuum ESL with DotMatrix™ pixel based ESL. DM displays are used for electronics, tableware, and fresh food counter, complementing the 35 to 40 000 Continuum ESL deployed in the rest of the stores.

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