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Interim Report January - June 2012


Record in operating profit for a single quarter

Improved order entry

  • Pricer reached its best operating profit for a single quarter
  • Breakthrough in the Nordic region – Order value SEK 90 M
  • One of the world’s leading retailers selected Pricer’s Graphic E-Paper labels for its stores – Initial order value of SEK 20 M
  • Subsequent event: Pricer won during July the largest project ever in the market – The estimated value exceeds SEK 300 M
  • The earlier communicated outlook is maintained, even if the uncertainty has increased with regards to the currency and economic situation

Second quarter
Order entry: SEK 198 M (152)
Net sales: SEK 157.7 M (143.9)
Gross margin: 33.5 percent (35.0)
Operating profit: SEK 28.7 M (16.5)
Operating margin: 18.2 percent (11.5)
Net profit: SEK 27.1 M (16.3)
Cash flow: SEK 22.7 M (-8.4)
Basic earnings per share: SEK 0.25 (0.15)

January - June
Order entry: SEK 324 M (356)
Net sales: SEK 283.2 M (255.0)
Gross margin: 33.1 percent (32.7)
Operating profit: SEK 41.3 M (24.1)
Operating margin: 14.6 percent (9.5)
Net profit: SEK 38.0 M (21.2)
Cash flow: SEK 43.2 M (21.5)
Basic earnings per share: SEK 0.35 (0.20)

Comments from the CEO Fredrik Berglund
The quarter was our best ever in the history of the company regarding operating profit, and net sales was the highest achieved for a second quarter. Order entry improved, both as compared to the first quarter and the equivalent quarter last year. We have won three major projects; two from customers which rank among the world’s largest retail chains and the third, in the Nordic region, with a chain that will implement all its stores with the Pricer solution.
   We are experiencing extended sales processes due to the economic decline in the euro area. Interest, however, remains high for our solution as it generates important savings and increases operational efficiency.
   A significant portion of our sales is in euro and we are affected by a strong Swedish krona, both influencing net sales and results.

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