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Interim Report January – June 2011


Continued increased order entry and sales

Second quarter 2011

  • Order entry: SEK 151 M (82)
  • Net sales: SEK 143.9 M (109.5)
  • Gross margin: 35 percent (39)
  • Operating profit: SEK 16.5 M (15.7)
  • Operating margin: 11.5 percent (14.3)
  • Net profit: SEK 16.3 M (17.9)
  • Cash flow: SEK -8.4 M (-14.0)
  • Basic earnings per share: SEK 0.20 (0.18)

January - June 2011

  • Order entry: SEK 367 M (182)
  • Net sales: SEK 255.0 M (179.2)
  • Gross margin: 33 percent (44)
  • Operating profit: SEK 24.1 M (27.7)
  • Operating margin: 9.5 percent (15.5)
  • Net profit: SEK 21.2 M (28.3)
  • Cash flow: SEK 21.5 M (-3.2)
  • Basic earnings per share: SEK 0.20 (0.28)
  • Increased number of signed pilot orders as compared to 2010
  • Deliveries to French Cora have been extended also to 6 hypermarkets in Belgium
  • Pricer entered a framework agreement with Coop and in the Nordic countries
  • Additional order for 40 stores and continued deliveries to one of North America’s top 50 grocers
  • Mexican Soriana signed a new contract with Pricer for additional 150 stores
  • Pricer altered the license agreement with Ishida and received an order worth SEK 40 M, signed a new contract with Pricer for additional 150 stores

Comments from the CEO Fredrik Berglund

Our order entry and net sales continue to grow. Thereby the growth rate from last year continues. It is encouraging that the composition of the orders is not a few large orders but we see a good spread in both size and geography. We have today customers on all continents and we have won important contracts in America, Asia and Europe. The increased number of signed pilot orders gives an indication of continued growth. The gross margin – being the best since the second quarter of 2010 – has strengthened. The result is slightly reduced by non-recurring expenses and currency effects. In all, we expect generate higher net sales and profit for the full year 2011 as compared to 2010.

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