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Grand Frais extends ESL solution with Pricer DotMatrix™


Grand Frais, the leading French retail chain in traditional fresh food segment, has decided to extend the Pricer system to the Fish & Seafood area of its stores, Grand Frais Marée, as the current ESL installation in the Fruit & Vegetables area significantly contributed to improve store productivity.

Grand Frais placed an order to equip its 100 stores with Pricer’s new generation DotMatrix™ ESLs, for a total value of 5M SEK. Installations will start in January and be completed during the first quarter of 2009. Pricer will provide a complete package of DotMatrix™ ESLs and services.

“We are proud that Grand Frais is showing a great trust with the further roll out of Pricer ESLs”, says Philippe Goas, Middle-Europe Area Sales Manager at Pricer. “In extending the Pricer solution to another product area, Grand Frais stores show they recognize the benefits of the solution on price management.”

“Thanks to ESL and price automation we have increased store-efficiency”, says Mr. Morello, CEO of Grand Frais Marée. “Staff can now concentrate more on customer service and satisfaction.”

Grand Frais Marée chose the DotMatrix™ ESL for the operational benefits of this solution and the flexibility of content on the displays. Grand Frais stores will combine Pricer’s new generation bi-stable pixel-based displays with the existing segment-based ESLs in the Fruit & Vegetables area under the same infrastructure.

About Grand Frais:
Grand Frais is part of the French grouping Prosol Gestion, originally specialized in Fruit & Vegetables retail. The Grand Frais store concept consists of having each store department managed by a specialized retailer, Fruit & Vegetables still representing half of the store surface. The chain currently counts 85 stores in France, with an average store surface of 1000 m² and approximately 15 new stores per year.

For further information, please contact:
Charles Jackson, CEO Pricer AB: +46 8 505 582 00

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