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First European Food Retailer to equip complete stores with Pricer graphic ESLs


E. Leclerc Hypermarkets have become the first European food retailer to equip complete stores with DotMatrix™ ESL

Pricer has received an order from two E. Leclerc hypermarkets in the French E. Leclerc Lecasud region to modernize their ESL systems. The hypermarkets will install a total of 70 000 Pricer DotMatrix™ graphic Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) using electronic paper display technology, also referred to as a bi-stable display technology. This follows Pricer’s launch at Euroshop in February of the first fully scalable electronic paper ESL solution.

“This new product line is important for growing our client base by answering demands for more advanced and scalable systems,” says Charles Jackson, CEO at Pricer. “This order will give Pricer further authority as the platform of choice for retailers as they can clearly see our unique and clear system advantage.”
This technology is a culmination of 15 years of system development by Pricer to create a fully scalable segment and pixel based ESL system. Pricer DotMatrix™ ESLs are fully compatible with the Pricer platform and therefore can be integrated into existing store installations.

“In this case, both hypermarkets were using two different competing solutions,” says Philippe Goas, Area Manager, Middle Europe at Pricer, “and this leap forward was as much based on improving store operations as choosing the system that could continue to evolve with them.”

Compared with LCD segment based ESL, this new technology enables a complete pixel representation reproducing the exact information of a shelf edge paper label including a bar code. With Pricer DotMatrix™ ESL, no more paper stickers are required for static information on the ESL, greatly improving store operations by giving users convenience and simplicity. With a DotMatrix™ ESL, all ESL product linking is done completely and easily at the shelf edge. DotMatrix™ also offers high customer comfort given their paper like readability, an important consideration for customer satisfaction today. Furthermore, the memory can support full text such as pertinent product information for helping store staff and sales.

The Pricer DotMatrix™ solution relies on high speed transmission, scalable software and low power chip design complemented by bi-stable matrix-controlled displays that have information storage at the display surface. They are robust and consume energy only when being updated and therefore are ideal for retail environment.

E. Leclerc is a European food retailer based in Paris which operates approximately 580 hypermarkets of which 505 hypermarkets are in France, with the remainder in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Eastern Europe. The business is operated as a co-operative and is ranked 19th in international grocery retailers for 2007. Today, a total of approximately 66 hypermarkets are installed with Pricer in France, Spain and Portugal.

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