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A new group of E. Leclerc supermarkets selects Pricer ESL


A group of 8 supermarkets in Corsica, France, converting to E. Leclerc banner as of January 2009 has, by common agreement, selected Pricer as sole ESL supplier.

After having installed a first store in Ajaccio (Corsica, France), Pricer won the tender for 5 supermarkets to be installed immediately and the rest to be completed during the first quarter of 2009. The total value of order is over 10M SEK. Other supermarkets are expected to follow.

The group preferred the Pricer solution for the technical advantages of the system. “An E. Leclerc store changes on average 7 000 to 10 000 prices per week”, says Philippe Goas, Middle Europe Area Sales Manager at Pricer. “The customers needed a reliable ESL system with high communication speed. The Pricer system offered the most rapid platform on the market and the uniqueness of supporting two display technologies.”

“Indeed, another major reason for the Pricer win”, says Charles Jackson, Pricer’s CEO, “is the maturity and scalability of the DotMatrix™ solution. Our investments in this new display technology are getting the attention we expected.” Most stores have opted for a combination of Continuum segment-based ESLs and DotMatrix™ pixel-based ESLs in order to adapt to the needs of each store department.

The Corsican stores had the opportunity to see the Pricer system in operation at the recently installed E. Leclerc hypermarkets in Grézieu, Grasse and Saint Raphaël, in the south of France. “They were impressed by the operational benefits of the Pricer ESL solution”, says Philippe Goas, “and the positive impact on store design and store productivity.”

About E. Leclerc
E. Leclerc is a European food retailer based in France which operates approximately 580 hypermarkets of which 505 hypermarkets are in France, with the remainder in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Eastern Europe. The business is operated as a co-operative and is ranked 19th in international grocery retailers for 2007. Today, a total of approximately 78 stores are installed with Pricer system in France, Spain and Portugal.

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