Complete Installation of Electronic Shelf Labels in a Store Overnight (Video)

Watch how the Italian grocery store Tosano managed to do a complete installation of electronic shelf labels in a store overnight.

✔️50.000 ESLs

✔️10+ km rails

✔️500.000 updates

Watch the video!

Video Transcript

Have you ever imagined how much can be done in a supermarket when it’s closed for the night?

At Pricer, we’ve picked up our gloves and decided to transform a store overnight.

In less than eight hours over 100 employees will replace paper tags with over 50,000 digital labels.

They will install more than 10 kilometers of rails in a time-critical mission to guarantee a full transformation before the supermarket re-opens.

This is done without impacting or changing normal opening hours.

Pricer’s innovative process is based on a unique technological system using light as a means of communication between labels and server.

A system that guarantees superior performance in terms of speed, stability and scalability.

Pricer is the only supplier of electronic shelf labels on the market today, capable of displaying price combined with tracking and positioning, stock capture and data. All in real time.

Instant flash labels can activate light indicators and simplify the actions taken at the sales outlet, with tracking and positioning, notification of products on a special offer or out of stock and even the identification of expired products.

Instant flash helps staff to reduce reaction time and increase precision, improving accuracy by 80 percent. This reduces waste and helps less experienced staff to do their job better.

As the sun rises, the supermarket of the future is ready to open its doors to new customers, who will be able to immerse themselves in the far more fluid, intuitive and satisfying user experience.

Pricer – Unleash the power of real-time.

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