Electronic Shelf Labels: A digital solution that optimizes all systems

Charles Jackson, Head of Americas region at Pricer, has together with JRTech Solutions‘ President and CEO Diego Mazzone  delivered an interview for the Home Improvement Retailing Magazine to explain electronic shelf labels advantages and how Pricer technology is revolutionizing the retail industry.

“Despite the fact that retailers have digitally transformed virtually every aspect of their business over the last 20 years, price labels were perhaps the last element left to digitize,” says Diego Mazzone, “But as it turns out, retailers are recognizing that ESLs do more than just digitize their prices. Essentially, it was the missing link that ties all of their other retail technologies together and optimize their overall operations”.


Read the article that was published in December 2022:

Home Improvement Retailing-December 2022 (mirabelsmagazinecentral.com)

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