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Whitepaper: NFC in Stores

Whitepaper: NFC in Stores


Because of the prevalence of smartphones and their direct usage in retail environments, NFC has attracted a lot of interest from retailers for enabling a range of enhanced user benefits such as easily accessible product information and at-shelf payment capabilities.

Very few retailers have implemented an NFC ESL system. There are multiple reasons for this but certainly one is the complexity of managing a highly distributed multi-active NFC system with potentially tens of thousands of separate pieces of information.

Pricer’s NFC system addresses this by providing a simple “cloud active” centralized management solution for all NFC related information that can potentially be managed in one place across an entire chain of retail locations (see How Pricer’s System Works).

Pricer’s NFC Management system provides a unique set of benefits for retailers by centralizing the complexity of ESL NFC deployment ensuring security, integrity and consistency of user experience while having no impact on ESL battery life.

Read more about these benefits in this whitepaper

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