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Pricer – proud partner to Carrefour on their customer centric and digitalization journey

Pricer – proud partner to Carrefour on their customer centric and digitalization journey


There are few enterprises with a heritage and scale enjoyed by Carrefour. The 63-year-old global grocery and retail giant is undergoing enormous change across its numerous territories and grocery formats. Carrefour is meeting the challenges as it leverages tech and data to transform into a company ready for the challenges ahead.

As partner to Carrefour since 20 years, with renewed trust for several years to come, Pricer is extremely proud to support this international retailer on their digitalization journey.

Carrefour is a huge global company and the largest retailer in Europe with a name that carries an almost subconscious meaning to those who have grown up with the brand. It was Carrefour who introduced France to the hypermarket concept way back in 1963. Today, Carrefour is a massive enterprise with 320,000 employees worldwide and 12,000 stores in over 30 countries.

Carrefour has embraced a widespread ongoing transformation, as the retail landscape experiences monumental shifts in behaviour.

Apart from focusing on the company’s digital and omnichannel operations, Carrefour also aims to include the streamlining of its organisational structure to make it more agile, while at the same time placing greater emphasis on the quality and sustainability of its food offering.

Another driving force has been Rami Baitieh’s, Executive Director for France, ”5-5-5” philosophy, and a deep cultural revolution, which contains a set of concret actions to better serve customers. For Carrefour, the customer is the most important person. Every customer is unique and the satisfaction of every one of them has become an obsession at Carrefour, whether the customer experience is through online channels or in physical stores.

To be able to support all these changes, digital transformation is a requisite. The retailer continues to develop analytics solutions at the service of the business, for instance providing hundreds of category managers with real-time view and insights on assortment, product and pricing. Data has become a core competence in Carrefour, at the same level as their ability to develop exceptional people, have the best merchandise or manage supply chain flows effectively and efficiently.

Supporting this global effort is Global CTDO Miguel Angel González Gisbert. He aims at translating an ambitious business transformation agenda into sound tech and data priorities and putting them into action.

Carrefour is now sharing their highly successful digital transformation journey on the cover story of Interface Magazine: Carrefour: A Customer Centric Tech & Data Transformation.

Read the full story now.

Watch the video where Carrefour’s Global CTDO, Miguel Ángel González Gisbert, outlines the aims of a customer-centric digital transformation at the global retail giant:

Carrefour: A Customer-centric Tech and Data Transformation

Also, watch the video about Carrefour in 2022 – What does that look like. The senior leadership team in charge of Carrefour’s digital transformation talks about how the global retail giant is transforming its technology on a massive scale:

Carrefour in 2022 – What Does That Look Like?


Published June 28, 2021