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Pricer is part of decades of global retail innovation – from Sweden

Pricer is part of decades of global retail innovation – from Sweden


In Agunnaryd, deep in the forests of southern Sweden, a local furniture company got a brilliant idea in 1956. What if you remove the legs of a table, so customers could fit it into their car? The flat packs and self-assembly became an important part of the concept for the Swedish furniture company that eventually grew into becoming the world's largest furniture company. The innovations of IKEA have revolutionised the retail industry for many decades.

At about the same time and in another part of Sweden, Erling Persson was trying to find better ways to dress the Swedes.

What if you could adopt a fast fashion model where you move large volumes of clothes from the designer table to the store in the fastest way possible? The innovative business model made H&M into the world's second largest fashion retailer, and it constantly innovates with regards to areas such as fashion collaborations and sustainability.

Fast forward to Stockholm today. In the capital of Sweden Sebastian Siemiatkowski and his team has created a new retail business model where consumers can buy now and pay later. The innovation of retail payment processes has made Klarna Europe’s most valuable unicorn and recognised as one of the most innovative and disruptive companies in the world.

Alongside these great brands stands Pricer, a well known brand amongst the world’s leading retailers, that has quietly but very effectively been transforming the efficiency and shopping experience for organizations like Carrefour, Coop, Metro, NorgesGruppen, ICA, Best Buy, Canadian Tire, and many, many others.

In the early 1990s the Swede Erik Danielsson wanted to digitalize retail stores. From his office in Uppsala, north of Stockholm, he introduced electronic shelf labels (ESLs) to Swedish retail stores.

They were based on an innovative optical wireless communication that disrupted both the existing paper-labels as well as inferior WIFI-based shelf labels. Following decades of innovation Pricer is now the global leader in electronic shelf labels and recognised as a market leader in terms of disrupting and digitalising retail stores with new innovations.

With innovative and advanced technology, Pricer is part of a Swedish retail innovation miracle, which has transformed the global retail industry in everything from production and packaging to presentation and payments.

In the spirit of Swedish engineering, boldness and determination, Pricer works together with progressive partners and clients around the world. All share a drive not only to survive, but to thrive and solve the industry’s most pressing issues, from shelf optimisation to stopping food waste.

Learn more about how we combine the forefront of technology with innovative thinking, modular design, and years of retail understanding. Building on this foundation, we can offer you and retailers around the world products that are modern today and years from now in the future.

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Published on August 31th, 2021.