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Pricer nominated to the SaaS company of the year award

Pricer nominated to the SaaS company of the year award


Pricer has been nominated to the prestigious award ”SaaS company of the year” in Sweden.

The award aims at strengthening the SaaS community in Sweden and highlight fast growing and sustainable companies who can show the way for the next generation SaaS companies.

The award ceremony will be held on October 13 at the Swedish news site Breakit’s event SaaS Summit 2021 in Stockholm.

Johan Crona, member of the jury and founder of Cloud Capital, comments on the nominations:

We want to highlight SaaS as an important industry in Sweden’s business and tech arena. Part of this is to showcase the best role models, so that they can encourage others to continue building other great SaaS companies.”

Nils Hulth, Pricer’s Chief Product Officer, comments on the nomination:

Leading retailers have a tireless focus in driving cost, efficiency and customer engagement. They demand constant innovation while requiring longevity and reliability of in-store systems. We are thrilled to see how well our SaaS service offering, Pricer Plaza, which was launched at the beginning of 2020, was received on the retail market. Having business-critical systems connected to the cloud is highly relevant since it decreases the need for physical presence in the store and simplifies the flow of data between different systems. The modularity of the offer makes it easy to add new functionality as the need arises, which is particularly attractive for customers who use the system as an integrated part of several different store processes.”

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Published on September 15, 2021.