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Jury for the Digitized Store of the Year

Jury for the Digitized Store of the Year


For the third year, Pricer is a member of the jury for the annual award Digitized Store of the Year. For Pricer, it is important to highlight the best digitization practices as it contributes to better customer experience and streamlines the work in the stores.

Stores that want to offer shoppers a better customer experience and at the same time work efficiently need to digitize their work. This is also true for grocery stores.

To highlight this, Pricer sponsors the award ”Digitized Store of the Year” in Sweden.

The prize will be awarded at the Grocery Trade Gala in Stockholm on October 8. One of the members of the jury is Fredrik Sunesson, Sales Manager Sweden at Pricer.

1. Why is it important for a store to invest in digitization?

“There are several factors. For the store, it is about streamlining their work and the various processes in the store.

There is a lot of time and money to be saved here. At the same time, it is important to offer shoppers a good customer experience.

Nowadays most people are used to shopping online and they want the same smooth experience in a brick-and-mortar store, whether it is a quick check-out process or finding products in the store easily.

Besides, it gives a more modern impression, especially if the store replaces old paper labels with electronic shelf labels, ESLs.

With an ESL based platform, the store guarantees that the information is up to date and that the customer pays the same price at the checkout as the price stated on the label.”

2. What is the most important aspect of a store when planning their digitization?

“Regardless of what digital system we are talking about, it is important to be careful when choosing a supplier.

To find a stable and serious supplier, the store needs to carefully prepare the procurement based on the criteria that are most important to them.”

3. What criteria do you consider in the jury when selecting the Digitized store of the year?

“Some of the aspects we look at are how the digital processes have increased the store’s efficiency, which digital solutions the store has chosen to increase sales, customer satisfaction and loyalty. And which digital solutions the store uses to contribute to increased service.”

The nomination process is open until May 24 at

The winner will be announced at the Grocery Trade Gala in Stockholm City Hall on October 8, 2020.