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The finalists in ”the Digitized Store of the Year” award nominated

The finalists in ”the Digitized Store of the Year” award nominated


Together with Strongpoint, Pricer sponsors the annual Swedish award Digitized Store of the Year and is also a member of the jury. The three finalists are now nominated.

Fredrik Sunesson, Sales Manager Sweden at Pricer, is one of the members of the jury.
“We are delighted to see how fast the digitalization of the stores is progressing and what opportunities it provides. It has been difficult to select only three finalists. However, all three really stand out and have done a tremendous job in this area. They have all increased the store’s efficiency and customer satisfaction”, he says.

The three finalists are the following:

1. ICA Kvantum Landvetter
ICA Kvantum Landvetter has for a long time been at the forefront of digitalization and is searching for new ways of streamlining their operations, improve customer experience and employee satisfaction. The store has also successfully managed to reach great targets with their social media.

2. ICA Maxi Kristinehamn
When the store was rebuilt, the digital mindset was present at all levels. Here the management strives to optimize the use of all digital solutions from reception of goods, order system, web-based employee information and marketing to meeting structures and organization. Of course, they also use a system for Click & Collect and other digital tools.

3. Willys
Willys has for a long time been investing in digital working methods for store efficiency and e-commerce. The retail chain’s growth and profitability during recent years are based on a solid digital strategy. Willys was one of the first Swedish stores with digital curbside pickup.


Due to COVID-19 the prize ceremony will be digital and held on October 8.