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Pricer at your service, as a service

Pricer at your service, as a service


For decades Pricer has been known as a producer of world-leading digitalization hardware and software for retail. The solutions have not only digitized the store shelf edge but also transformed how retailers use their store space and staff resources, supporting everything from dynamic pricing to time-efficient picking of online orders.

Pricer rather leads than follows and has always pushed the retail industry to constantly challenge itself and do better. Therefore, in the last few years, the company has been at the forefront in introducing cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) to support retailers in managing, monitoring and integrating in-store systems. The result is the reliable, modular, and scalable Pricer Plaza platform.

The SaaS system from Pricer not only enables a whole range of new business and deployment models for retail chains but also lowers the barrier for retail chains to go fully digital.

Cloud-based central management system

With its pay-as-you-go model retailers can grow with the system and scale accordingly. The cloud-based central management system means less time-consuming visits to stores for management and IT, and more focus on insights, optimisation, and innovation.

In the last few years, Pricer has won several prestigious retail awards for its work, ranging from “Best customer experience 360” at Paris Retail Awards to “Best customer experience” at EHI Retail Technology Europe Awards. However, nowadays the solutions from Pricer are highlighted far outside the industry, also generating appreciation in the broader tech industry.

Therefore, it was delightful to be nominated for the award “SaaS company of the year”, hosted by Breakit, the Swedish technology news media. While Pricer has been creating innovations for three decades, it is still very honorable to be recognized now as a new generation of fast-growing and sustainable SaaS companies.

It all makes sense if you think of it. In the 1990s Pricer disrupted the retail industry with digital hardware.

In the 2000s the company’s software solutions enabled everything from dynamic pricing to shelf vision.

In the coming years, progressive retailers will use Pricer SaaS solution to reach new levels of in-store digitalisation and innovation. Always at your service, also as a service.


Published on November 9, 2021