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A Digital Winner

A Digital Winner


The Swedish business magazine Affärsvärlden has made an analysis of Pricer's share, listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, Small cap. The analyst notes that Pricer continues to digitize stores around the world and that the growth opportunities are very good.

As e-commerce continues to grow rapidly and to maintain competitiveness and increase efficiency, stores need to invest in digital solutions such as electronic shelf labels (ESL). Updating prices is now only one part of Pricer’s total offering and ESLs have moved to be the foundation for many more use cases such as Click & Collect, replenishment or geolocation. Affärsvärlden also notes that Pricer, in their opinion, is the only major player in the market that has a profitable business.

They conclude that Pricer has a strong market position and growth opportunities in the globally growing ESL market and that the software platform Pricer Plaza is promising. The SaaS based solution is now in use in more than 150 stores.

In summary, there are many factors pointing in the direction that the Pricer share is a digital winner.

The analysis can be found here in Swedish: