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3 Questions to Giacomo Crucinio, Head of Professional Services

3 Questions to Giacomo Crucinio, Head of Professional Services


Why did we merge the previous partner portals?

It’s a natural step in our strategy to provide first class support to our partners. Pricer Academy is going to be the reference portal for “all-things-Pricer”, from sales and marketing material to the very technical files and software.

We have great plans for Pricer Academy, including live sessions, software release notes, learning paths to train partner’s engineers and keep them up to date with our products and platforms.

How has it gone so far?

We are very happy about the positive feedback we have received in these first couple of weeks. The user interface is very intuitive, and content is much more accessible than before.

During March 2022, we will make all technical documentation, software packages, and firmware available in the resource center.

Speed is a key factor during this digital acceleration era, and we believe this portal will significantly reduce the time required to get hold of information and acquire the necessary skills to work with Pricer. 

What are your best tips for our partners?

First of all, partners can now self-register any of their employees using their company registration key. This facilitates the onboarding and provides unlimited access to our resources. The resource center is not just a folder, the embedded video player allows to stream content directly from the platform, and it integrates with other Pricer applications, like the request form for Pricer licenses.

The core of Pricer Academy is the courses and learning paths – more than 100 lessons grouped in 28 courses – and the online self-service approach, which allows everyone to learn at their own pace and at their preferred time.

We have structured and categorized our knowledge to best suit the target audiences, so, no matter if you are a store operator or an integration engineer, you’ll find exactly what you need to know to get the best out of your Pricer solution.

We want to create a community of experts, and to do so we have prepared a certification program. Being a Pricer Certified Partner or a Pricer Certified Professional will give access to special tools – e.g. to help during customer integration or monitor installations –, dedicated live training – e.g. on specific topics with Pricer Engineers and Developers – and more, much more. We can’t reveal all of it now, but, believe me, the best is yet to come!


If you have any feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out.