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If Click & Collect is Here to Stay – You Need to Find Your Way

Those who have postponed the digitalisation of their stores until now, have a journey ahead of them, first establishing the basic infrastructure to support click and collect.

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Pricer – proud partner to Carrefour on their customer centric and digitalization journey

As partner to Carrefour since 20 years, with renewed trust for several years to come, Pricer is extremely proud to support this international retailer on their digitalization journey.

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Why nobody ever got fired for buying ESLs

Nobody ever got fired for investing in a flexible and scalable platform that can communicate in real-time between the core (chain decision makers) and the edge (the network of stores).

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Future fit – How to make the sports store deliver more value for retailers and their customers

The modern sports store has a lot of work to do to communicate with and sell to a customer whose expectations have never been more demanding, particularly since the great shift to digital during 2020.

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30 Years of Bringing Trust to Retail

As Pricer now celebrates 30 years in business, it is with great pride that we can look back on a long and successful period of bringing trust to retail.

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Innovative technology for a more interactive in-store shopping experience

The shelf should no longer be seen just as a display to hold products – by digitalising the shelf-edge, it can now become a source of interaction and information.

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Rocket scientists and retail executives have a lot in common

What do airplanes, space rockets and advanced car manufacturing plants have in common? They all rely on optical wireless communication.

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Store Associates – Then and Now

Store associates, the unsung heroes of retail, often work behind the scenes to ensure our shopping experience is both optimised and extraordinary.  Luckily, ever since Pricer’s founding 30 years ago in 1991, an amazing innovation in retail has made the job easier.

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“To Me, Change Is Positive”

In September 2021, Susanna Zethelius, will become the new CFO of Pricer. In an interview with StrategicCFO360.com in May, she talks about her new job, why there are so few female CFOs and how the position has changed in recent years.

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rise of the digital store

The Rise of the Digital Store

When once we would have talked about digital as being the retail disruptor now, as customers increasingly take control of their in-store journeys, they are now the force for change retailers need to adapt to.

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Dynamic Pricing Within Retail Can Bridge the E-gap

Physical stores are often just beginning to explore the benefits of dynamic pricing. But it’s an important quest if we want to bridge the gap between physical and online retail.

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The future of retail is cloudy… but with patches of sunshine

Clouds are everywhere, except maybe for retail. Until recently at least, now we see more and more physical stores moving their operations to the cloud.

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The information revolution at the shelf edge

Shoppers demand to know more and more about the products they buy, so how can retailers build this new-found need for knowledge into the buying journey.

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Pricer shortlisted for Retail Systems Awards 2021

Pricer has been shortlisted to win a 2021 Retail Systems Award, in the category In-Store Technology of the Year.

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helena holmgren fri köpenskap

Pricer’s CEO Helena Holmgren interviewed in the Swedish trade magazine Fri Köpenskap

In February 2021 Pricer’s CEO Helena Holmgren was interviewed in the Swedish trade magazine Fri Köpenskap about the growing ESL market and new technology.

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Digital Transformation Vital for DIY Stores

Is Digital Transformation Vital for DIY Stores to Survive?

DIY needs to accelerate its digital transformation to go further in simplifying the customer journey, especially in the context of Covid.

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pricer in dn

Pricer interviewed in Dagens Nyheter

Dagens Nyheter published a long article on February 3, 2021, on the store of the future, which features Pricer and our customer Matvärlden outside Stockholm.

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ESL one night installation matvärlden

One night installation of ESLs – a true team effort

So, is a one-night installation of electronic shelf labels in a store of 12,000 labels even possible? Yes, for Pricer it is.

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2021 will (still) not be “normal”

It is clear that 2021 will not be a normal year, whatever normal is nowadays. We have listed three ways we predict retail will change in the coming year.

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click and collect for apparel industry

Dark Stores Could Be A Shining Light For Apparel Stores

Click & Collect offers an opportunity for the apparel industry to adapt to changing consumer preferences and create a delivery model that is in line with demand.

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digital winner pricer - Foto Maria Cruseman

Digital vinnare

Den svenska affärstidningen Affärsvärlden har gjort en analys av Pricers aktie, noterad på Nasdaq Stockholm, Small cap.


retail award nomination pricer

Pricer shortlisted for 2020 RTIH Innovation Awards

Pricer is shortlisted in the ”Technology Vendor of the Year” category of the 2020 RTIH Innovation Awards.

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ESL survey for retail

Electronic Shelf Label Survey: Retail Impact of the First Pandemic Wave

As one of the privileged suppliers to retailers, JRTech Solutions conducted an online survey to review the effectiveness of electronic labels in the retail industry in a pandemic situation.

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A Million Reasons To Use SaaS

A Million Reasons To Use SaaS

The SaaS model gives retailers both flexibility and scale, to rapidly deploy, optimise and develop functionality centrally without losing the ability to deliver in local markets.

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Infrared light in retail

Infrared Light In Retail – Saving Energy And Time

Download our free whitepaper, Infrared light in retail stores.

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From Price Management To In-store Digitalization Leader

Let us guide you through some of our popular use cases…

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ESLs Are A Foundational Part Of The Retail Technology Ecosystem

Pricer’s CEO, Helena Holmgren, in an interview with Der Aktionär, a German shareholder magazine.

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Think Beyond Barriers And Masks For a Safe In-store Experience

It is thus essential for #retailers to work harder in getting consumers more comfortable visiting stores.

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Dynamic Pricing Embraced By Brick-and-mortar Stores

Dynamic Pricing Embraced By Brick-and-mortar Stores

The store has swapped traditional price labels for ESLs, electronic shelf labels, which use e-paper to display prices that can then be changed, within seconds, at the press of a button.

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price optimisation webinar with pricer

Webinar On-demand

This webinar is now available on-demand: Advanced Tactics To Win The Price War with Price Optimization and ESLs.

Watch the recording

white paper - nfc in retail

White Paper: Near-field communication (NFC) in retail

If you want to find out more about the benefits of using NFC solutions for the shelf edge, and what key criteria should be evaluated, please download our free whitepaper.

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the Digitized Store of the Year award nominated

Finalisterna i ”Årets digitaliserade butik” nominerade

Pricer är medlem i juryn och sponsrar den årliga utmärkelsen Årets digitaliserade butik. De tre finalisterna är nu nominerade.


VAT Reduction Leads to Massive Number of Price Changes for German Retailers

The German government has decided to lower the VAT rate, which leads to new opportunities – and challenges for retail.

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age of automation

The Age of Automation

To cope with increased demand, aging staff, sick staff and new staff, more processes need to be automated and simplified.

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last mile retail

Last Mile Changed Before COVID-19 – But Now it Might be Permanent

The number of outlets who adopted buy online/pick up in-store increased from 29 percent in 2019 to 37 percent in 2020.

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save time click and collect solution

Saving Time and Increasing Efficiency With an Advanced Click and collect Solution

See how Pricer’s advanced ESL management system deliver on efficiency enhancements for Click & Collect

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Digitized store of the year

Pricer i juryn för Årets digitaliserade butik

För tredje året sitter Pricer i juryn för priset Årets digitaliserade butik.

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installation of electronic shelf labels

Installation of ESLs in a Store Overnight

Watch the video of the one-night installation

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helena interview in affärsvärlden

Pricer’s CEO interviewed in Swedish Business Magazine

Brick-and-mortar stores have only just started their digitalization journey

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Realtidskommunikation i framtidens butik

Butiken som testar den senaste innovationen inom detaljhandeln för bästa shoppingupplevelse.


Optisk kommunikation vs. radiokommunikation

Optisk trådlös kommunikation är en framtidssäker, perfekt anpassad kommunikationsteknik för detaljhandeln

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Realtid i detaljhandeln

Digitala prisetiketter – kärnan i butikdigitaliseringen

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Snabbare plock av onlineorder med blinkande etiketter

Strukturera butiksplocket med Pick & Collect

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