Läs om hur våra kunder förändrar världen. Nedan hittar du referenser och kundfallstudier för att du ska bli inspirerad, lära dig mer och få idéer.

Kundfallstudier framhäver våra kunders och partners framgång med Pricers produkter och lösningar.

Carrefour: Revolutionizing the shopping experience

The Juice Box

The Juice Box was looking for a solution to allow them to be operationally more efficient and offer superior customer service.

Cora: Better reactivity

59 stores in France 9,000 m2 average store area 20,000 labels per store: mix of Continuum + DotMatrix Equipped in grocery, kitchenware, gardening, toys, multimedia and electronics areas

ICA Kvantum Åkersberga

Media Markt – Saturn Holding Netherlands

With Pricer’s centrally managed ESLs, the store can update prices for an unlimited number of products from just one computer.

UNIMAT: Ensure their prices are correct

Bosch: Eliminate production errors

Auto & electronics manufacturer Bosch wanted to reduce errors in their production lines as much as possible in their MFM (Mini Factory Management) plant in Hungary. Country: Hungary Number of labels: 10 DotMatrix per production line

Industrial company offices: More efficient workspace

Swedish Postal Service: Sorting mail, faster

A postal service is nothing without logistics. The challenge: to guarantee on-time deliveries across the country at the lowest possible cost. Every single day. Country: Sweden Number of Sorting Terminals: 11 Number of labels per Terminal: 3,000 DotMatrix

E.Leclerc: The first food retail chain to install full DotMatrix stores

E.Leclerc is a leading French independent hypermarket chain. Store format: hypermarket (large supermarket).

Intermarché: Using multiple pages on the labels to display additional product information

Metro: Flexible, reactive pricing

Significant reductions in price errors mean Metro has reduced complaints, saved the time and cost of investigating and correcting errors and improved customer relations.

Seven and I: Solution to make frequent price changes

Soriana: High-speed updates and two-way communication in a scalable system

Soriana is Mexico’s second largest food retail chain with more than 500 stores across the country. 500+ stores 2nd largest food retailer in Mexico 545+ million customers per year Number of labels: Close to 2 million installed