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Pricer and Lifvs win RTIH Innovation Awards

Pricer and Lifvs win RTIH Innovation Awards



Pricer and it’s customer Lifvs have won the 2021 RTIH Innovation Awards in the category “Bricks and mortar innovation”.

Retail Technology Innovation Hub awards this prize to a retailer enabling physical spaces to thrive via innovative technology, even as online shopping continues to grow. The winner reduces friction in the customer journey, offering improved experiences, and blurring the lines between channels.

Lifvs is Europe’s largest unmanned 24-hour grocery store chain, powered by Storekey. Launched in Sweden 2019, the interest from franchisees and other countries for its staffless store estate is growing every day. Lifvs has deployed electronic shelf labels (ESLs) from Pricer’s Plaza platform, a cloud-based SaaS solution, to power sophisticated in-store digital capabilities.

“As online shopping is increasing, so is the demand from customers on an equally smooth and pleasant shopping experience in physical stores. With it’s unmanned stores Lifvs offers tomorrow’s shopping experience already today. This is enabled by Pricer’s real-time technology for in-store digital communication”, says Helena Holmgren, President and CEO, Pricer.


“Today’s brick and mortar retail is under a huge transformation in erasing the line between online and offline. Our technical platform Storekey which operates our Lifvs stores is leading that transformation. When two cutting edge platforms in Storekey and Pricer Plaza comes together, true impact and magic happens”, says Daniel Lundh, founder of Lifvs & Storekey.


Retail Technology Innovation Hub is a leading website for the global omnichannel retail technology community. The awards celebrate global tech innovation in a fast moving omnichannel world.


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Published on December 9th, 2021