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Pricer shortlisted for Vendor in Partnership (VIP) Awards

Pricer shortlisted for Vendor in Partnership (VIP) Awards


We are very proud to announce that Pricer has been nominated for the Retailer's Favorite category of the Vendor in Partnership (VIP) Awards with a ceremony to be held on January 13th, 2023 in New York.

The Vendors in Partnership (VIP) Awards is an industry celebration for the solution providers that are powering the retail ecosystem. In addition to celebrating great solutions, the recognized companies are those who are willing to adapt to make more meaningful partnerships with retailers, increasing the success for all.

We would love your support with a vote to win!

You will have to register a free account before submitting your votes in the Retailer's Favorite category. Signing up is easy and will only take 1 minute. Once registered you will only see your hero shot and company name and not your full submission to ensure the confidentiality of your submission.

Voting is open now and will close on Friday, December 2nd, so get started with the link here: Vendor in Partnership (VIP) Awards