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Greater shopping experience with search kiosks and price consistency

Greater shopping experience with search kiosks and price consistency


In order to ensure a smooth operation, the Serbian supermarket chain Univerexport recently decided to use the Pricer system. The initial feedback is very positive.

Below is a summary of the article published on April 28, 2022 in Store Insider: Store Insider - A PRICER újabb térhódítása Szerbiában

Serbian Univerexport currently has 176 stores in Vojvodina and Belgrade, and plans to expand its retail operations to the whole of Serbia within soon.

Installation in just a few hours

The modern supermarket in the Pupin Palace in Novi Sad is the first store of the Univerexport network where customers can find Pricers electronic shelf label (ESL) solution. With the help of smartphones and data loggers, the employees from Szintézis Informatikai Zrt, who managed the installation, turned the business into a digital store in just a few hours: all paper price labels were replaced with electronic ones, resulting in 7,000 graphic displays. In addition to the shelf labels, a large touch-screen product search kiosk is also part of the solution. It is used to check prices, display current discounts, as well as for product search, and it can also be connected to a mobile phone.

Measurable efficiency

The new system will also bring significant benefits to employees, customers, and owners. The electronic shelf labels not only speed up the buying process, but also allows for updates and special discounts with just one click. For the shoppers, prices are guaranteed, as prices are updated from the central system in a few seconds, so that there is always consistency between the prices on the shelves and the point of sale. By simplifying pricing, Pricer also makes the work of the store employees much easier, as the whole process is faster and more efficient, freeing up more time to increase customer satisfaction.

Technology for the environment

In addition to optimizing work processes and providing high-quality customer service, Pricer’s innovative solution also serves Univerexport’s environmental efforts. In line with recent trends and the “zero paper” policy, this way of displaying product prices drastically reduces paper consumption, thus contributing to the sustainability of trade.

According to the management of the chain, both the feedback from the customers and the employees is excellent, which motivates them to continue introducing digital price tags in the other stores.


Published on May 3rd, 2022