UNIMAT: Ensure their prices are correct

Hardware retailers UNIMAT wanted to improve operations and ensure price accuracy in their growing DIY retail chain stores.

Country: Canada
Number of stores: Over 175
Number of labels per store: 15,000


Local laws in Canada protect customers from inaccurate pricing: mispriced items that are $10 or less are given away for free. For items priced higher than $10 that are inaccurate, then the price has to match the lower price, with an additional $10 discount applied (e.g. an item tagged as $29 that shows $50 at the cash register, would go for $19! It’s the lowest price less $10).

Government inspectors periodically carry out price checks, and issues fines for inaccurate prices.


Each installation has Pricer labels in every section of the store. Every label displays the unit price at all times as default.

Staff can also access additional information on the label, such as:
– item location
– supplier codes
– facings
– inventory.


With electronic shelf labels, all price updates are bi-directional so managers know when prices have been updated.

Employees spend less time updating prices and more time helping customers make their purchase decisions.


UNIMAT can now ensure their prices are correct, quickly updated and easy for employees to manage, and thus provide excellent customer service.

Since installing, there have been zero incidents where customers have received a product free because of inaccurate pricing.