The largest food retailer worldwide to roll out Pricer electronic shelf labels

12 million labels have been delivered and installed in Carrefour stores.
Hypermarkets (megastores), supermarkets & convenience stores

Carrefour was the first hypermarket price label roll-out in France.



With so many product lines in their massive hypermarkets, Carrefour needed a system capable of large and frequent price updates, throughout their stores. 


The deployment of the Pricer solution started in 2004 and more than 24,000 Transceivers (communication devices) have been installed in Carrefour Hypermarket ceilings to offer infrared infrastructure and high speed communication for their electronic shelf labels. 


All hypermarkets in France have the Pricer solution. At present, Carrefour is further installing Pricer labels in its hypermarkets in Europe, Asia and South America. Pricer labels can now be found across all their store formats.