NRF 2020
Customer Cases from Pricer

Avril Health Supermarket
Customer Experience Retail Study “WOW” Award Winner!

Avril Health Supermarket is Quebec’s leading organic chain of grocery stores. With over 8 locations, Avril offers fresh and healthy products supported by a technologically-rich store floor. From top to bottom, Avril is fitted with heated floors, installed digital labels through JR Tech Solutions, automated vertical farming platforms, and expansive, all-natural lighting.

In recognition of their store’s success, Avril won the 2019 “WOW” Best Customer Experience Award in November 2019.

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Avril Health Supermarket - Pricer

Super C
Fast-Tracking In-Store Tech to Boost Productivity and Profits

Super C is Quebec’s full-scale discount supermarket. A subsidiary of Metro, Inc., Super C has been on the fast track since 2018 to deploy its stores with the most cutting edge technologies. In an effort to lower labor costs and boost productivity,

Metro Inc. has partnered with Pricer for full-store deployment of over 8,000 products for every store, planning to triple the number of stores that have electronic shelf labels in the next year.

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Super C - Pricer

Molly’s Spirits
Toasting Customer Service and Pricing Automation

Molly’s Spirits is Lakeview, Colorado’s technologically-savvy liquor destination, offering customers a heightened pricing accuracy and enhanced shopping experience. Molly’s large-scale, high-volume store leverages Pricer’s solution to fine-tune operations and procedures with precision, capturing sales data at the shelf edge.

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Mollys Pricer

Billman’s, A Nationwide Member
Linking Automation with Customer Service

Since 1979, Billman’s has served its Montana customers as a construction company, lumber yard, and a full-service home center. As a third-generation owner and operator, Jeff Billman considers pricing and customer service a top priority, teaming up with Pricer to equip his shelf edge with the most accurate and automated digital pricing solution available.

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Billman Pricer

Defense Commissary Agency
From Commissary to Shelf Pricer is Exclusive Ten-Year Vendor Partner

The Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA), a branch of the United States Department of Defense, operates over 240 commissaries across the globe. DeCA sells grocery needs to the members of the US uniformed services, relying on the Pricer solution to provide dynamic pricing. IBM Federal’s Bob
Bogdanowicz shares more on DeCA’s use of the Pricer solution, its industrial strength and its reliability.

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Defence Commissary Agency Pricer