Repurchase of own shares

Pricer AB has in accordance with the information in the press release from 18 December 2020 completed the repurchase of own shares to hedge obligations for the company’s incentive program.

During the period 10 December to 16 December 2020, Pricer AB repurchased a total of 400,000 Series B shares. The repurchases took place within the framework of the repurchase program for a total of 400,000 Class B shares that Pricer AB announced on 9 December 2020. The repurchase program, which ran between 9 December 2020 and until next year’s Annual General Meeting, was implemented in accordance with Market Abuse Regulation (EU) No. 596 / 2014 and Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) No 2016/1052 (Safe Harbor Regulation).

During the period 10 December 2020 to 16 December 2020, shares in Pricer AB were repurchased according to the table below:

DateAggregated daily volume (no of shares)Weighted average price per day (SEK)Total transaction value per day (SEK)
10-Dec-2031 92539,36121 256 606
11-Dec-2039 16438,93701 524 929
14-Dec-2090 00040,57873 652 080
15-Dec-20120 81340,52704 896 183
16-Dec-20118 09839,81994 702 652
Total400 00016 032 451


All acquisitions have been made on Nasdaq Stockholm by Erik Penser Bank on behalf of Pricer AB. Following the above acquisitions, Pricer AB’s holding of own shares as of December 18, 2020 amounts to 877,136 Series B shares.

Full details of the transactions carried out in accordance with Article 5 (3) of the MAR and Article 2 (3) of the Safe Harbor Regulation are attached in the document below. During the period 10 December to 16 December, a total of 400,000 shares in Pricer AB were repurchased within the framework of this program. In total, a maximum of 400,000 shares were repurchased.

Information on the implementation of share repurchases can be found at:


Attachment repurchase of shares