Soriana: High-speed updates and two-way communication in a scalable system

Soriana is Mexico’s second largest food retail chain with more than 500 stores across the country.

500+ stores
2nd largest food retailer in Mexico
545+ million customers per year
Number of labels: Close to 4.5 million installed


Soriana were already convinced of the benefits of electronic shelf labeling (ESL) but needed the right system for their situation. They had already installed another ESL system in 100 stores but were looking for something better: high-speed updates and two-way communication in a scalable system were key.


Soriana trialed the solution in one of their busiest stores, and were convinced of the success of the solution. They started deploying the Pricer solution in 2009.


Soriana uses the Continuum range of labels.


Soriana has continued its rollout with Pricer, having completed more than 150 store installations and installed close to 2 million labels. The company announced it would install another 150 stores.