Intermarché using multiple pages on the labels to display additional product information

Intermarché, the supermarket banner of the Groupement des Mousquetaires, is France’s largest food retailer, counted in a number of stores.

France’s largest food retailer by a number of stores.


Supermarket retail group Intermarché were looking for an intelligent electronic labeling solution to recommend to the independent owners operating stores under the Intermarché banner.


Intermarché takes full advantage of the benefits of the Pricer system, using multiple pages on the labels to display additional product information, including stock levels, supplier code, and minimum reorder amounts.


With immediate access to stock and ordering information from the shop floor, stores have less risk of items going out of stock.

Averaging 12 000 labels per store, Intermarché stores use a mix of graphics and segmented labels. The larger DotMatrix DM110 are used in the fruit & vegetable sections, and the smaller DotMatrix and Continuum labels are used everywhere else.


In 2007, the STIME, the IT branch of the Mousquetaires referenced the Pricer solution as a recommended supplier. Since then more and more Intermarché stores have chosen the Pricer ESL system.

In 2009, Pricer started to install its system in two other banners of the group, Bricomarché, the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) banner, and Roady, the banner for automotive maintenance and repair equipment.