EuroShop 2020

Thank you for visiting our booth at EuroShop and your interest in our solutions. Below you can see animations of our different use cases and also examples of how our solutions are being used at our customers.


Dynamic Geo-Positioning of Products
By dynamically positioning each label, the position of all products can be placed on a store map.

Click & Collect

Click & Collect solution for e-commerce orders with Pricer Instant Flash.


With the replenishment process being guided by the Pricer system, risks are reduced and replenishment work is sped up.


Simplify your store’s inventory management
Improve your stores’ stock data and simplify inventory checks with Pricer inventory management.

Price Management

Maximizing growth while protecting margins.


Read about some of Pricers customer cases in Europe


Coop Lombardia Italy

The Galeries Lafayette Group

Leclerc Marignane


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