Media Markt – Saturn Holding Netherlands

Omnichannel Retailing with Pricer ESLs

Place: The Netherlands
Number of stores: 45
Number of employees: 2,500
Average Annual Turnover: 1,401 million €
Number of ESLs: 240,000

Media Markt – Case Study


Operating an omnichannel environment:

With the internet, shopping has become an increasingly transparent experience. Today’s consumers are accustomed to the many benefits of online shopping – including access to customer reviews, complete product information, and the option to compare prices across different channels and between different stores.

Furthermore, the vast majority of consumers now carry a smartphone with them at all times, and are therefore able to access the internet anytime, anywhere. Shoppers in a brick-and-mortar store can, using their mobile phone, immediately compare the price of a good on display to its price in many different online stores.

The rise of the ‘showrooming effect’ is testament to this – whereby customers visit an offline store to view and inspect merchandise, and then purchase at a later time online or at another shop elsewhere.


In order to succeed in such a price-competitive industry as consumer electronics, and when faced by the new generation of smartphone-enabled consumers, Media Markt – Saturn needed to ensure they were able to instantly respond to competitor prices, making certain that a sale is made. “The ability to respond instantly to price changes, is an important part of our multichannel strategy,” confirmed Gordon Scholz, CEO of Media Markt – Saturn.

With this proactive pricing strategy in place, Media Markt – Saturn also wanted to ensure that prices across all their channels matched – nothing is more damaging to customer loyalty and to the chance of securing a purchase than when a customer discovers they are expected to pay more for a product in-store than online.


A forward-looking solution for a forward-looking business model :

The company’s conventional, paper-based system of labeling goods in their offline stores required manual changing, which did not allow for rapid changes to prices in-store. It became obvious to Media Markt – Saturn that this shelf-labeling system was too expensive, too time-consuming and inflexible for the Group to enact a streamlined, omnichannel environment.

After conducting a thorough market review, Media Markt – Saturn piloted Pricer’s Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) in some of their stores in the Netherlands.


The implementation of Pricer’s ESLs was a smooth and simple process, thanks to the support of Media-Saturn’s international integration partner, Wincor Nixdorf. After the success of this pilot, the Group made the decision to deploy Pricer ESLs in all 43 of their stores in the Netherlands.


Dynamic, flexible pricing at the click of a mouse :

With Pricer’s centrally managed ESLs, the store can update prices for an unlimited number of products from just one computer. As a result, Media Markt – Saturn’s stores can easily ensure that prices displayed on the shelf-edge are exactly the same as those online – guaranteeing price consistency across all channels.

Furthermore, Pricer’s system is the fastest on the market, which allows Media Markt – Saturn offline shops to react in seconds and respond quickly to competitor pricing – so that, in the crucial moment when a customer is comparing prices on their smartphone, they are convinced, and don’t walk out of the store empty-handed.

In this age of omnichannel retailing, it is vital that offline stores are able to offer customers the same experience they would be able to get online. Pricer’s ESLs have brought the benefits of online straight onto the shelf-edge of Media Markt – Saturn stores, offering a dynamic, proactive new sales opportunity.