Industrial company offices: More efficient workspace

Industrial company was looking for the best use of their office space in their newest office building in Singapore, to provide a more flexible work environment.

Country: Singapore
Number of labels: 1500 DotMatrix


Unused or unoccupied office space costs money, and with 10 floors to manage, the company looked for ways to create a more dynamic work environment. They have implemented flexible working such as hot-desking (sharing workspaces so employees move about and take whatever desk is free), and shared meeting rooms.


Keeping up with what desks are free has been simplified by using graphic displays on each desk and meeting room.

The company has installed 1500 DM110 over the 10 floors with easily updatable information.


Each graphic label displays and updates:
1) Nametag
2) Department
3) Meeting status (on leave, vacation, sick) and
4) Special notifications.


The information is centrally managed so that it stays up-to-date, and makes it easy for an employee just arrived at the office to select an appropriate workspace.