The Price Automation System

How it works

The Pricer solution offers you complete control of your pricing, and eliminates discrepancies between what's in your point of purchase database and what's shown to your customers in-store. 

Every Pricer installation includes the labels, the communications hardware, and the back-end software that communicates with your existing retail systems. 

Secure technology

Running on the fastest, most secure infrared technology, you, your staff and customers can rest confident in a system that keeps prices correct and up-to-date. The system takes your database file and transmits it to the relevant price label in-store, wirelessly. 

Reliable hardware & fast software

Pricer uses high-speed transceivers to send and receive information for bi-directional acknowledgement of your updates. Simple, discreet, and low maintenance, your transceiver sends your product information at the fastest speed on the market, in any size store. So you can make updates in real time with no unnecessary delays.

Flexible solution for different display needs

All different electronic shelf labels and displays work on the same platform. Choose the best size and display type for each area of your store.

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The Price Automation System